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Traffic Congestion Solution

Traffic congestions can greatly compromise the safety of children and increase frustration in the school neighborhood and for parents. With school funding being strictly regulated in many cities and  transportation gets hit first, many PTA associations and schools take this problem on themselves to find a solution.

The most common solution to the problem of traffic congestion is to reduce the number of children taking private vehicles to school. Carpooling helps make new friends and knowing your neighbors which then solves lot of other safety issues we face these days.

Schools or Parent teacher associations can enable this by

  1. Schools should connect the student families travelling from the same neighborhood, to combine the rides. There are many families who don’t know their neighbors going to the same school and same class, unless their child tells the same.  Schools can promote PTA meetings and helping parents connect with each other in common purpose groups, once such group could be parents interested in carpools.

  2. Schools should implement programs that can encourage parents to do carpooling. It may be in a way of adding incentive into car pool when the school creates a special express car pool lane. This allows participating drivers to get out of school premises much faster and more efficiently.

  3. Schools should encourage students to bike or walk to school. This will not just lessen congestion but will also provide environmental and health benefits. We should allow the adults to pool the students from neighborhood and walk home with one of the parents by taking turns.

Carpooling can help increase bonding among the students and families and schools might see more parents engaged, less student drop outs.

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