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Moms and Carpools

I remember, before I carpooled, I never had time to get anything done. As a working mom, I had to support my family with my rigorous job as an executive at a top consulting firm as well as taking my daughter to school and her various extracurricular. Her school was a 45 minute drive from our house- every day at 7:00 a.m. and 2:30 pm. She did piano as well as tae-kwon-do, was an avid Girl Scout, and involved in afterschool clubs. For me, this meant ATLEAST three hours everyday driving her back and forth to everywhere she needed to be, often simultaneously taking phone calls and attending meetings outside of her dojo or piano class. After six months of this, I was tired. I was tired of the endless commute and the gas money. She was tired of sitting quietly in the backseat and listening to my endless phone calls. I knew something had to change. So, I texted one of my friends in the neighborhood and I asked her if she knew any moms in the area that go to my daughter school. Within a day, five moms were in a chat group and we were deciding who drove what day of the week. The next week, my daughter got picked up and dropped off four days of the week from our house, and on the fifth day, I drove her and her friends to school and picked them up. It was a perfect set up- she got to spend time and build friendships with people she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to spend time with otherwise, and I had time to work and even time to relax with my extra three hours almost everyday. I wanted to make this an option for every hassled parent out there, so that’s why I created Karpool.Club. Not only can you get in touch with other parents in your area to take your kids to school, you can also set up carpools for afterschool programs and classes. You can register with your preference of days to drive, your car capacity, and your location, and our cutting edge software can match you up with parents near you. Not only does it have free carpools, it also allows parents who don’t have time to drive any day to pay other parents who do have time to drop off and pick up your kid daily. My main goal, though, with the app is to help hassled parents like me save time in every place they can so they have space to focus on the more important things in life. If karpool.club helps you, then I’ve succeeded.

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