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parent challenge

“Do I skip my work to take my child to an afterschool activity? Am I doing everything possible to help my child’s development?”

If you are a parent and have asked yourself this question at least once a day then you are not alone …there are 33 million parents in the US who juggle this puzzle every day.

We enroll our children in many online educations, development activities to get this guilt out, support child development activities, and we have glued them to their smart devices.

We have created a new problem for their generation.

Take them to the parks, outdoor activities, they prefer “fortnite” characters, Pokemon’s and others that are not in our vocabulary list! Children are very comfortable with characters in their game, but not comfortable talking to a human when they are in person.

We can help them improve their social skills by giving them more face time with their friends outside of school hours without impacting your schedule

– Find your child’s friend going to the same school or activities and offer to drive them together so they can talk to their friends than using phones or smart devices in the car

– Find parents who are willing to share their child’s drive with your children. Be fair to share the drives and make it easier for both.

– Find activities locally instead of online that you can sign up for your children as you now have parents to drive them around #supportlocalbusiness

– Make sure as parents you don’t use phones while driving, use simple track ride feature to communicate your route #nophonewhiledriving

Are you up for this challenge?

Download Karpool and find your group and reply to this post with the comment “I achieved all of this with one Karpool app download #mychildissocial, #nophonewhiledriving, #supportlocalbusiness”

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