Are you Guilty?

Are you struggling between your work schedule and your children schedule?  Tying to get time off to fit all your children activity?  Don’t worry you are not alone! There are millions of parents who juggle this puzzle every day.

A day without a carpool network

Children miss the opportunities for many activities due to a parent’s busy schedule. Children are missing learning opportunities and social interactions.

Parents miss their bonding time during driving, as children are glued to smart devices. Parents struggle to get to work on time after their school run. Juggling multiple things and driving to multiple places is hurting the parent time and economy.

4 easy steps to carpool
Create, manage...
  • Start a new carpool group or join a group with parents you trust
Search for Karpoolers...
  • Search for parents going to the same team activity, afterschool or School and join them for efficient time management and student safety
  • Keep your parents updated on your scheudle and communicate better using the App
Track the ride...
  • Karpools “Track the ride” keeps everyone in loop to see your children are on a safe route

Finding carpool groups and tracking your schedule should be a breeze with karpool


Let’s work together to make every trip count towards their career and student success, free up time, save on gas, and decrease traffic for Parents. Carpooling has never been easier or safer.

Driving your kids every day and have extra seats? you can make it count by inviting others to carpool

Busy parents can get more done when carpooling with others

Reminder to busy parents on their schedule days of rides

Want to manage a carpool for schools, dance classes, extra math, soccer or for a sleepover party

Karpoolclub is your solution to get all of these done in one place!


As busy parents of active children we found that there was no easy way to organize kids’ carpools for school or other activities, so we created Karpool that benefits not only the families who use it, but also their communities.

Thirty percent of morning traffic is caused by parents transporting their children to school. Karpool is a complete carpool solution that will save families time, and also reduce traffic and emissions.

Karpool users can utilize the excess capacity in one another’s cars and, through this collaboration,  decrease traffic in congested areas around schools, sports fields, and local community centers

Not only does Karpool app give you company during a ride, spending time with other parents, coworkers or commuters every day gives you an opportunity to discover friendships you may not have otherwise

Whether you carpool to work or connect with other families to share driving duties to school or extra-curricular activities using our carpool app, you will have the opportunity to save both time and money.

Ready for the Carpool challenge?
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About Us

Simple solutions to save time

As a working mother, I know what it’s like to have to support the family as well as be my kids’ in-house chauffeur. I was tired of driving her back and forth from school and everything else she wanted to do when I discovered carpooling. I now had time to work, relax, and just breathe instead of honking at the car in front of me on the highway.

We started karpool club in order to safely eliminate hours of the commute from the schedules of busy parents by matching them with nearby families who also want time to think about more than just traffic- their jobs, their children, and their lives. Our app can help organize free carpools, track your schedules and communicate with each other in one place.

Finding your group is easy- just enter your preferences and your location to find families near you willing to carpool. karpool club can work for adults too, who want to save time and gas money on the way to work with their colleagues and offering commute shares for schools and companies.

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